Ground Loop Isolator

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Ground Loop Isolator

Postby mustafa » Wed Jun 08, 2016 2:36 pm


I am looking for a ground loop isolator that goes from RCA on one end to 3.5mm on the other end.

So I have my PC connected to my Z623 Speakers via a 3.5mm cable. I also have Foxtel connected to my TV, and my TV connected to my speakers too.

The TV is connected to the Z623 speakers via a headphone jack that goes to a 3.5mm to RCA converter, which then goes via RCA cables to my speakers.

Now while everything is plugged in and I am using Foxtel, there are ZERO issues. But when I use the PC, I am forced to always get up, and disconnect the 3.5mm connecting going from the TV to the 3.5mm to RCA converter which connects the TV to the speakers to eliminate all the STATIC noise coming out of the speakers while using the PC when Foxtel is connected.

What I need is a ground loop isolator that goes directly from my speakers (RCA) into the TV on the other end as a 3.5mm jack. Done.

Something like this:

Although I'd even prefer if the 3.5mm end is male not female so I connect it directly to the TV.

I bought this to test;

And it worked, it eliminated the noise completely. But it created a problem, I can barely hear anything. Problem is this is a car version and it needs to be earthed. And I can't earth it.

So I need a digital one like the Pyle PLGI36R 3.5MM To RCA and I was wondering if you guys sell ANY ground loop isolators of the sort?

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