Need Advice On New Canalphones

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Need Advice On New Canalphones

Post by antxc » Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:05 am

Hi Guys,

I'm in the market for some sub $100 canalphones and need some help. I have been doing a lot of reading, trying to get the best bang for buck, but the more I read the more choices there seem to be. As I said, the budget is $100 max, less would be better. These will be general use, nothing special, just around the home, travelling, and maybe while at the gym. I mainly listen to Metal, bands like Between the Buried and Me, Periphery, Uneven Structure but i also like some old chill music like Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan with a little Led Zepplin and other rock bands for good measure. The choices I have narrowed it down to are:

- Brainwavz M2
- Brainwavz M3 or maybe M4 (when released)
- Vsonic GR02
- HiFiMan RE0

All of these choices seem to be good and have decent reviews so I'm having trouble. Obviously I'm open to other suggestions too. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Need Advice On New Canalphones

Post by DooF_DooF » Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:11 am

Hey antxc,

Personally, I would go for the M3 - for a more balanced sound, but thats what I prefer. M2 is more bassy/energetic then the M3, so perhaps you would prefer that sort of sound for your metal music.

RE0 is way more on the analytical side, and with it's shocking build quality, I would stay away.

No clue about the GR02.

I heard the M4 is supposed to be good for rock/metal/music with lots of guitar shredding (according to their website) so I guess you could wait for it - they come out soon no?

Hope this helps somewhat. :)
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Re: Need Advice On New Canalphones

Post by Belial » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:17 am

Don't know about the others, but I replaced my (second) broken set of RE0s with M3s and couldn't be happier. Every time I use them I'm blown away by how freakin good they are.

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