Fidue A31s

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Re: Fidue A31s

Post by pengoau » Sun May 17, 2015 2:12 pm

rise from the dead!!

Sorry searched for a thread rather posting my own.. hope that is ok...

Anyway just ordered these could have gone the cheapest ones they even have the recommended tag, but based on the product description, its stats and comments here thought I'd go it.

Mainly after something that doesn't tangle as much or has issues with the audio signal over the cable wire. Looking at the picture its a twisted cable rather than a straight cable so I am making an assumption it will do better than the cheapest canalphone (AudioFly AF33) as it has a straight cable. Didnt want to spend to much as I only expect them to last 6-12 months, as they will be used when I go outside to the shops and/or gym. So just need to do a good job and dont fall out as well as not be bulky due to gym use. Also see below for why I am particular about the cord design..

Should do a lot better than the cheapo $6 vending machine "Jetts" canalphones I got. I bought it thinking cool some canalphones I can get and it will be good enough. I found out due to the cheap cable/wire it has problems maintaining a decent audio signal. So constantly makes the sound echoy or else hard to hear the vocals as the instruments overpower them. Tho what you expect for $6 headphones? So yeah the phones should hopefully not have that problem hopefully. The apple earphones hat the problem to but it wasnt as pronounced so hopefully these phones to better.

Anyway not meant to be a reviewe of the jetts heaphones lol. Just thought I'd post here to say I've ordered them and will upate my post once I get them and see how they perform.

If these phones hav the same problem might have to look at the phones that have the cable sheeth and might do better.

Otherwise might have to get BT phones, tho might just put up with what I get with the fidue's if its not too bad.. as well not made of money.

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