Audiofly AF180 reviews

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Audiofly AF180 reviews

Postby Drift » Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:23 pm

Hey guys, just want to bring these to people's attention I don't think they really get the recognition they deserve. I've got a pair, and love them. I'm in no way a reviewer, but to my untrained ear, everything is well balanced, the soundstage is amazing, and bass is strong, present and un-muddied. That wide sound stage also helps when watching movies on the go ;)

These are probably worth a listen (along with the SM64s) if you're after IEMs in this bracket. I'd like to know other peoples thoughts, there aren't many reviews of these out there, but I haven't yet found one that hasn't been overwhelmingly positive:

"With best-in-class bass, crystal clarity, and enough detail and depth to keep you up at night, Audiofly’s AF180 are a formidable addition to an already fierce group of quality quad-driver in-ear monitors. While they’re certainly pricey, and possibly a shade relaxed in the midrange for some, the AF180 deliver all the joys of an armature in-ear, with none of drawbacks. We highly recommend giving them a listen." 9/10 ... 80-review/

"The Bottom Line: Where has Audiofly been all my life? The AF180s are an absolutely stunning piece of in-ear monitors, with an insane amount of quality inside, and out. One of the best audio products I've ever used, period." (94%, 'must have' editors choice award) ... ndex2.html

"It pretty much bang on hits every acoustic mark I want and as such it’s just about the perfect matching of detail retrieval and beautiful presentation. I know it’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes, its treble hasn’t that bight some want and its bass isn’t going to cave your skull in like a big dynamic can. However I would challenge anyone to find something that they would categorically state offers technical superiority and has anything like an as amenable and beauteous a presentation as this." ... eview.html

"Without a doubt, the Audiofly AF180 in-ear monitors are one of the best pairs of earphones we’ve heard, and we’re honestly sad to see them go." ... -monitors/

"The AudioFly AF180 and a joy to use making it feel like each song you listen to is craft specifically for you ears and listening pleasure. I really love these headphones and I can’t say enough good things about them. Yes they are on the pricer side. But the sound quality you get from the AF180 from Audiofly is truly memorable and worth the purchase" ... listening/

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