Sorry Mojo you seem to be the biggest lie I have encountered

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Sorry Mojo you seem to be the biggest lie I have encountered

Postby wild99 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:35 pm

So day 2 of owning the Chord Mojo and I still can't find the depth or the rhythm or the detail all the reviews keep talking about.
If i was comparing it to my my Ipod original mk5 and 6 then yes it does all that, but my Fiio x5 mk3 now that i found what was wrong with it and my IBasso DX80 sound fuller with as much detail and are just better to listen to with all the headphones and in ears that I own.
I would call the Mojo mid heavy and its like the top end of a voice has a crispness to it that the high hat does not .. the high hat seems soft which upsets the balance as far as my ears work.
It may be that all of the output from the Mojo is a little to round and smooth.
To put this into perspective I am basing this on 44.1k 16bit lossless files and some Master quality Tidal.
Ran the Mojo with USB, Optical, Coax at 16,24,32 bit 44, 88, 96, 300.. something k 7 different in ears 2 different over ears.
All pop, heavy, rock, techno, alternative music .. so no classical, jazz, blues etc,
I expected the next level from what I had which was giving me a getting very excited but its not the upgrade I was expecting.
The massage I want you to take from this is that if you have some good gear already that you love the sound of ... don't look at the Mojo as a upgrade, I think you can probable save your money and do better.

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Re: Sorry Mojo you seem to be the biggest lie I have encountered

Postby Marcus » Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:40 am

What you're experiencing is the diminishing return with DAC/amp stages and portable devices :)
First up - if the device is designed to be portable, you're compromising somewhere and there are literally only so many ways to build the product. The more space dedicated to battery/lights/buttons etc, the less space dedicated to components.
Second - once you hit a certain level with DAC stages there's really nowhere higher to go. Doing blind tests between well produced ~$300 DAC stages vs ~$1000 ones generally doesn't really separate one from the other.
Third - amp stages are the same, especially with efficient headphones. There's very little benefit on a super high end amp stage vs a good base line one.

Welcome to the part of hifi where you realise marketing and numbers don't make the product more enjoyable to listen to ;)

Don't get me wrong, I think the Mojo is a lovely piece of kit, but I've heard portable units that cost half as much that sound just as good, only without all the lovely features/build.
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