Samsung Galaxy Devices volume improvement app

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Samsung Galaxy Devices volume improvement app

Postby theadamtron » Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:16 pm

Hey Everyone,

This is just something I discovered that has improved the sound out of my Samsung Galaxy SII immensely and increased the volume in a positive way. It doesn't use any weird tricks that effect the sound. This takes advantage of registers built into the YAMAHA chipset allowing volume increases of between +6 to +10.5db depending on the device.

I've tested it on my international Galaxy S2 and been able to drive some decent headphones to a more than acceptable level.

Its called Voodoo LOUDER

It is a paid app, but worth every penny.

it does need a rooted device (mind out of the gutter please)

Its definitely worth checking out

Device supported:

Galaxy S II International: GT-I9100
Galaxy S II AT&T: SGH-I777
Galaxy S II Sprint: SPH-D710
Galaxy S II Korean: M250S
Galaxy S II Japanese: SC-02C
Galaxy S II US Cellular: SCH-R760
Galaxy Note International: GT-N7000
Galaxy Tab 7.7 International: GT-P6800
Galaxy Tab 7.7 International Wi-fi: GT-P6810
Galaxy Tab 7 Plus: GT-P6200, GT-P6210, SGH-T869
Galaxy S II LTE and HD (Qualcomm and not Exynos: totally different hardware) are NOT supported.

Hopefully someone will get some benefit from this :)


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