Introducing the Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 Earphones
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October 31, 2016
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August 18, 2017

Introducing the Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 Earphones

Every now and then I come across a product that does just about everything right, today it’s the Alfa Genus V2 by UK mob Rock Jaw Audio.

Let’s talk about the obvious feature – different tuning ports!
There are a few headphones out there that let you adjust the sound signature to better suit your tastes and when done properly it’s quite a nifty feature.
Rock Jaw include 3 different sets of ports you can easily swap between labelled Bass, Natural and Treble. The ports themselves are small metal deelies that you can easily screw and unscrew from the housing in a few seconds. They’re easy to lose though, so be careful when swapping them out!

Speaking of – Swapping them out does change the sound quite noticeably, especially in the bottom end.
Personally I prefer the Treble or Natural ports, I find the Bass port a little too bassy as the Alfa Genus V2 (can I shorten that to AGV2 please? I’m going to shorten it to AGV2) is already a fairly rich and warm sounding canal with solid bass response even with the Treble ports.

Rich and warm – that’s how I’d describe the AGV2 overall. The sound is full bodied and has excellent weight to it. I’m wary of headphones that emphasise bass at the cost of overall detail but the AGV2 manages to produce solid bass without it overwhelming too much of the mid and upper frequencies, although using the Bass ports does push the lower frequencies forward even more – some people will love the Bass setting, others won’t.
When pieces get a bit more complex or have a lot going on in the bottom end things can get a bit blurry, but the rest of the time the extra weight is kinda fun.

I mostly listen to contemporary music*, but also did some soundtrack** listening for this test. I do think they do better with the contemporary music which benefits from their weighted/fun/rich/engaging sound. With soundtrack listening I found certain pieces sound fantastic, but the more complex pieces with bassier drums and instruments lose some definition. I would probably recommend a slightly more balanced and controlled model, such as the SoundMAGIC E80, for soundtracks/classical.

The metal tuning ports and metal driver housing are part of the excellent build of this model.  Everything is well machined and solid. The cable is thick and durable, if a little microphonic, and they terminate in a right angle plug.
The housing size and shape makes for a nice easy fit and a good range of tips is included to help assist with the best fit, which will determine sound quality like with all in-ears.

The Alfa Genus V2 are a well built, easy to fit and great (tweakable) sounding canal. Available with or without mic and remote.
Definitely recommended 🙂

Click here to check them out!

Tested from my phone (HTC 10) and desktop computer via Matrix DAC/amp (amplification makes little difference).
* Stevie Ray Vaughan, Solar Fields, Steve Vai, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Faith No More
** The Witcher 3

– Marcus.