Beresford Capella Headphone Amplifier
Beresford Capella Headphone Amplifier
July 26, 2017
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Brainwavz B150 Balanced Armature Earphones
July 28, 2017

Beresford Caiman MKII DAC


recommendedThe Caiman MKII is a reference quality digital to analogue audio converter featuring the latest DAC Audio technology, Direct Coupled output
stage, and Class-AB headphone stage. The Caiman is designed for maximum transparency and critical playback in professional audiophile applications.

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The Beresford Caiman MKII DAC is capable of reproducing music even down to the difficult to decode timbre level of both vocals and musical instruments by reducing decoding errors and power supply induced noise. The outstanding signal separation and three dimensional playback of the music also comes to the fore through the removal or avoidance of circuit design bottlenecks. These simple design steps deliver a more entertaining natural and warm sounding analogue playback that revealing and High-End audio amplifiers and speakers would greatly benefit from.

The Caiman MKII advanced level of performance also makes it possible to recover and hear previously hidden audio signals, giving your music collection a new lease of life.

The more generous 32 Bit dynamic range overhead and higher 768fs sampling rate also reduces signal compression and clipping from the original source material.

The Caiman MKII has further been optimized for the decoding and playback of all the common and popular  audio file formats,  giving you complete peace of mind and freedom to listen to your music to the highest possible quality level that your audio system is technically capable of.

The Caiman MKII is the ultimate complete, but affordable, DAC in terms of technical breakthrough and innovation.

The Caiman MKII is the ultimate in high resolution digital recovery and reproduction with its clear and detailed analogue sound, excellent dynamics, and holographic presentation. The Caiman has been designed to bring the best out of lossless file formats such as FLAC and WAV.

DC Linearizer Low Noise Filter

External DC power supplies are a known source of RF noise. Our own unique DC Linearizer circuit transforms almost all of that RF noise into a clean DC voltage. The result is then fed to a Low Drop Out regulator circuit. Two 800nV super low noise regulators from the satellite industry supply power to the TOSLINK and coax input circuit, digital and analogue signal processing circuit. The result is a crystal clear and warm analogue sound with excellent musical detail.

Low jitter Crystal controlled receiver chip

The Caiman MKII uses a crystal controlled receiver with one of the lowest jitter performances possible from a receiver chip. At 50ps few other DACs can match or surpass the Caiman MKII in terms of jitter rejection.

Simple Analogue Filter Circuit

There has been much debate as to how much damage is done to the audio signal by the various digital and analogue filtering networks that are found in a DAC design, and whether filters contribute to grainy high frequencies. The technology used in the Beresford Caiman MKII relies instead on a simple HF analogue filter that operates outside any feedback circuit and outside the audio spectrum. This makes the Caiman MKII less prone to anti aliasing filter residues and noise, and produces a far cleaner and detailed treble response.

Up to 32 Bit and 768fs oversampling

The current range of high-end consumer DACs chips go up to 32 bit, but only 384kHz oversampling. The Caiman MKII DAC is capable of up to 768kHz performance.

Asynchronous SPDIF to I2S signal transfer

In order to correct timing and data speed transfer errors the TC-7534 uses a asynchronous buffer with a length of 1024 bits to take care of time period related errors.

Direct Coupled Line Output Stage

This allows the Caiman MKII to operate down to 1Hz. The Caiman MKII is therefore also suitable for DVD audio application, which can go down to 5Hz or lower.

High Current Class A-B headphone circuit

The Caiman MKII headphone amplifier circuit is designed to drive even the latest high-end headphones and reproduce musical detail that these headphones are capable of. A generous signal headroom overhead, low noise circuitry, and high output current ability are key factors that make the headphone output on the Caiman MKII a major talking point with existing owners.

LED OFF during music playback function

The Caiman MKII has a LED OFF function that can be set to operate when there is music playing. So that way you can make sure that no LED noises can bleed into the sound.

12 Volt battery operation option

Due to the highly efficient design and low energy requirement placed on the power supply, the Caiman MKII is capable of operating from a 12Volt battery source.


Type – Digital to Analogue Converter

Inputs – 1 x power supply (optional)  

Inputs – 1 x USB

Inputs – 2 x TOSLINK

Inputs – 1 x digital coax

Outputs – 1 x stereo RCA (fixed/variable)

Power supply requirement – 12 to 15Volts

DCOperation modes – Auto/Manual

Headphone output impedance – 12 to 300 Ohms

Line out minimum impedance – 1 K Ohms

Line Out Voltage – 2Vrms

Housing – Full metal body

Colour – Black fascia

Dimensions – 210mm W x 50mm H x 140mm D

Packed Weight – 1.6Kg