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Etymotic ETY Plugs


recommendedReusable earplugs specifically designed to reduce ambient noise levels without muffling sound.

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Etymotic ETY Plugs are highest fidelity non-custom earplugs. They reduce most noise to safe levels while preserving the clarity of speech and the richness of music. ETY Plugs are configured to replicate the natural response of the ear canal so that when sound enters the earplug, it is reproduced unchanged, exactly the same as the ear would hear it, only quieter.

– Reduces sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural, not muffled as with other earplugs
– Reduces risk of hearing damage for many noisy occupations as well as noisy venues, such as airshows, parades, athletic events and motor sports
– Enhances the music experience for audiences while protecting hearing
– Lets musicians hear their own instrument and their blend with others
– Regular use while practicing, performing and listening to music will help protect hearing
– A little time may be required to acclimate to these earplugs. Many musicians report that they hear their own instruments better, as well as the balance with those around them
– ETY Plugs are reusable (with regular use, replace them every 3-6 months)


– Ready-fit
– Reduces sound approximately 20 dB at all frequencies


– ETY Plugs earplugs
– Black neck cord
– Storage case

Technical Specifications

ETY Plugs use a tuned resonator and acoustic resistor to replicate the natural response of the ear canal. This unique construction, combined with Etymotic’s proprietary sound path, reduces sound levels evenly across the frequency range without changing the sound quality. Result: Music and speech remain clear, but quieter and safer.