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AKG K44 Perception Headphone
November 1, 2016
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November 1, 2016
Fidue A73
Fidue A73
Fidue A73

Fidue A73 Earphones



Featuring good build, a rich and powerful sound, stylish design and inline mic/remote the A73 is a great option for contemporary listening.

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When Fidue announced their latest release, the Fidue A73 in-ears, it was quite an exciting prospect seeing as the company has progressed so much over the past years. With their flagship, the Fidue A83 and even the A71 model, the company has earned notable respect within the audiophile community for their valuable contributions. Sticking to their principles of timely designs and that signature Fidue sound, the A73 has been set for international release and has been heralded to be a showstopper considering its mere $199 price tag.

Incorporating a premium balanced armature driver and exclusive dynamic drivers, the A73’s driver confirmation departs from the traditional A71’s dual dynamic titanium drivers and sticks to the hybrid conformation which has earned the A83 its staggering success.

We Say

The Fidue A73 have a classic V shaped response curve with deep, resonant bass and forward treble. Midrange is a little relaxed sounding so while vocals sound good they do not always stand out.
A great choice for music where you want some extra bass kick.
Build quality and style is excellent.
An inline mic and remote is included.


Impedance: 20ohms
THD: <1%
Sensitivity: 107dB
Power Handling: 20mW
Open/Closed: Closed
Transducer type: Dynamic & Armature
Ear Coupling: Intraaural
Frequency response: 13 – 27,000Hz
Cable length: 1.3m

Package Contents

Small, Medium and Large silicone tips
Medium biflange silicone tips
Carry case