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December 21, 2016
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December 21, 2016

Kef M400 Portable HiFi Headphone


recommendedCompact, lightweight, stylish and great sounding headphones for portable or home use.

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As you might expect from people who are obsessed with high resolution sound, the beauty of the Kef M400 is more than skin deep. With KEF’s ultra-light 40mm neodymium driver and copper clad aluminium wire (CCAW) voice coil, the M400 reveals all the glories of the original performance: crisp, intricately detailed highs, seamlessly fluid midrange and tight, clean bass. Music you can feel – and so realistic, you can almost touch it. Your favourite tracks never sounded so good.


Padded with high density memory foam covered in soft, sweat resistant protein leather, the ball-jointed ‘race-track’ ear pads fit the exact shape of your ear and form an effective seal that cuts out external noise while preventing sound leakage. The light, sturdy aluminium frame exerts the right amount of gentle pressure that allows you to enjoy your music in comfort for as long as you want.


Complementing all Apple and most other digital devices, the Kef M400 features an integrated inline microphone and remote control on a detachable cable, allowing you to operate the play functions or switch between calls and music. The frame is discreetly hinged to fold neatly away for ease of storage when not in use, and like other KEF headphones, the M400 protects you against excessive sound pressure in line with the CENELEC standard. Sublime sound quality, thanks to KEF innovation. Engineered for durability and class-leading comfort. And a flair for design that makes other headphones look boring. At the price, nothing else comes close.

We Say

Comfy, light and sounding great for the price the M400 is an ideal solution for your portable or home listening needs.
Isolation levels are not especially high, so they might not be the best choice for use in very loud environments but it will do a good enough job of cutting down general background noise so you can enjoy your music without cranking the volume to hearing damage levels.
The M400 sound signature is versatile and suits a wide range of contemporary music styles as well as acoustic, classical or jazz.


Driver (Headphone) 40mm
Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz
Sensitivity 101.5dB±4dB (IEC-318 at 1KHz)
Impedance 32±15% Ohm
Maximum Input Power 30mW
Noise Attenuation -20dB
Cable length 1.3m
Connector 3.5/3.5mm
Weight 175g

Package Contents

Kef M400 headphones
Aircraft adaptor
Travel case