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The SPL Auditor is based on the excellent SPL Phonitor amp. The Auditor has had the extra features trimmed so that all you get is pure amp. Sound quality is nice and clean and detailed with good dynamic range and separation.

Please Note: we currently only stock the black version of the Auditor.

This amp features Balanced inputs only.

Frequency Response: ‹5 Hz to ›200 kHz (-3 dB)
CMR:-80 dBu (@1 kHz, 0 dBu input level and unity gain)
Crosstalk: -84 dB (@1kHz)
THD: 0,001 % (@ 1kHz, 0 dBu input level and unity gain)
Noise: -97 dBu (A-weighted)
Dynamic Range: 129 dB (@ 600 Ohms Impedance)
Max. Output Performance:
1,7W (+32,2dBm) @ 1 kHz and 600 Ohms connection
360mW (+25,6dBm) @ 1 kHz and 30 Ohms connection


  • Model number: Auditor
  • Dimensions: 95x210x315mm
  • Power supply: Internal

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