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To make it easier for us to recommend you the right product, please provide us with a little information. What’s your budget, what are you going to be using the headphones for (portable, home use or a bit of both), what is your source (portable mp3 player, home cd player, computer etc), what kind of music do you listen to and if there’s any particular style of sound you prefer (energetic, warm etc – don’t worry about this if you’re not sure). Please don’t tell us you just want your headphones to be loud and bassy!

If you’re in Australia delivery is FREE for everything under 5kg.

Please contact us for delivery pricing outside Australia.

Some of our items  are sent via Australia Post and some are sent via courier. Delivery times vary, especially now that all deliveries across Australia are delayed due to the current world pandemic.

We offer free shipping for all items that fit into the Australia Post 1kg, 3kg and 5kg satchels.

Express shipping is available for an extra fee of $15. Estimated delivery for items sent this way is usually between 1-3 working days.

Items larger than 5kg or bulky items will be charged a shipping fee.

Smaller items, such as cables or earpads, are sent as a Large Letter in a small padded satchel.

Headphonic is not responsible for any items lost or damaged if Permission to Leave is given. We will not include Permission to Leave on higher value items.

PLEASE NOTE not all items are shipped from our Perth office. Many items are shipped direct to you from the supplier warehouse. This allows for less handling of the item and in most instances means that the item will get to you faster.

If you are in Perth and would like to ensure your item reaches you quickly, either call or email us to check where the item is being shipped from or choose Express Post for prompt delivery.

If your item does not arrive in the appropriate time frame please check your tracking details first. If that does not prove fruitful then contact us and we will look into it. If your item arrives damaged please contact us and we’ll sort this for you also.

UPDATE – Our 20 day trial is ON HOLD for the time being due to health concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We offer a 20 day trial/credit period on many headphones. If you’re unhappy with the headphones you may be able to return them within 20 days for store credit. We will not refund returns from change of mind/exchange. Any free delivery offered with a product only applies to the first purchase so products purchased with store credit will incur delivery charges. All exchanges incur a $15 handling fee.

Return freight costs must be paid by the customer and any outgoing freight costs from us are non-refundable. Please include all packaging and accessories if possible. If you are a smoker, please do not smoke while using the headphones, the headphones must be 100% resalable to non-smokers! Any goods lost or damaged in transit will also void the credit, so an insured carrier is recommended for goods above $100 in value. Lost packaging or accessories may incur a restocking fee.

All intra-aural products such as earbuds and canalphones as well as wireless headphones or products with destructible packaging and special orders or sale items are exempt from our 20day trial period, please check with us first if you aren’t sure if the headphones you are ordering fall into one of these categories. Some products with high return/dissatisfaction rates are also exempt.

NOTE: This has nothing to do with warranty, this is simply a trial period offered on products. All products bought from us have FULL warranty, which is a minimum of 12 months.

We are in no way obliged to accept headphones back if they are in working order and reserve the right to refuse return if you have simply changed your mind.

We sell them at a discounted price. We do not sell returned headphones as new, so all headphones sent out are brand new unless specified.

Generally it’s a good idea to ignore most of the specifications listed with headphones. It may sound a little unusual and you might consider it hard to choose headphones without something to go by, but the only product information that really matters are details like whether the headphones are circumaural or supra-aural, whether they’re open or closed, how heavy they are, how long the cable is (or range if they’re wireless) what kind of earpads they have and perhaps impedance/efficiency.

It’s a common misconception that the wider the frequency response the better the headphones will sound. Unfortunately this is a long way from the truth, it also makes choosing products more difficult as some models have the exact same frequency response yet sound completely different. For example one headphone may quote a frequency response of 5-32000Hz while another quotes 5-35000Hz. From this measurement you could assume that both have low bass but one has more high end. In reality the two headphones could sound nothing alike.

Why is this? Because a frequency range only tells you theoretical maximum and minimums, it doesn’t tell you how even that response is. Coupled with that the range of human hearing is only 20-20000Hz, and most source equipment isn’t even capable of reproducing those ranges (certainly not most basic portable players or PC soundcards).

One technical measurement that may help is impedance. Generally the higher the impedance the harder the headphones are to drive, however there are some high impedance headphones that are very efficient and some low impedance headphones that are very inefficient so keep an eye on the efficiency as high efficiency means they may be easier to drive.

No, not at all. 5Hz may seem like an impressive low, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be a “bassier” headphone than one that only manages 20Hz and just because they quote down to 5Hz and/or up to 50,000Hz that doesn’t mean you’ll like the sound more.

We are!

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have to help you choose the right product. You’re may also be able to take advantage of our 20day trial/exchange offer.

Open headphones generally have a design that leaves the entire, or some of the back of the headphones open (covered by a protective grille of some sorts). This allows for a more natural and wider sound from the headphones. It’s normal for open headphones to sound better than similarly priced closed headphones. Closed headphones often have a more “in your head” sound and sound a little boxed in. The main benefit with closed headphones is that they offer isolation from outside noise and generally don’t leak sound, making closed headphones more appropriate for people who don’t want outside noise interfering with their music or don’t want to disturb people around them. If you have the choice, we recommend open headphones, but for portable use closed is probably a better choice!

Circumaural means the earpads go around your ears, supra-aural means the earpads sit on your ears, intra aural means the headphones go in your ears (earbuds and canalphones). Generally circumaural headphones are more comfortable, but that also depends on the type of earpads they use and how strong the clamping force. There are some supra-aural (on ear) headphones that are very comfortable as well.

Some believe that headphones should be burnt-in to get the best sound out of them. There is no proper or best way to do this, and it’s debatable whether it has any effect at all. Just using the headphones will have the same effect, but if you want to hear what your headphones are capable of without waiting we suggest leaving them running overnight at a reasonably high volume (nothing higher than you’d normally listen to). It is generally not a good idea to play sine sweeps or similar through the headphones as it can damage them. The main thing to remember is that this does not have to be done.

Value for money; It doesn’t cost a lot to get a truly amazing sounding headphone setup, but it can cost a lot to get a truly amazing sounding speaker setup. Personal listening; What do your neighbors think of that big sound system of yours late at night? What about your other housemates/wife/husband/brother/sister/parents/pets? Don’t want to put up with their interruptions? Put a pair of (closed) headphones on! They won’t be disturbed by your music and you won’t be able to hear them. The perfect solution.

Some headphones are designed to run from home hifi systems with a little more power than your average portable player or PC soundcard. Unfortunately there many hifi products which while being excellent at their primary function have a mere $2 put into the headphone circuit.

A headphone amplifier is designed to drive and power headphones and headphones alone. Under driving headphones will leave them sounding flat and lacking dynamics. In many cases an underpowered pair of high end headphones will be outperformed by easier to drive low end headphones unless paired with the right amplifier.

When properly driven most headphones will manage levels high enough to cause hearing damage. Now listen up people, hearing damage is permanent – you don’t want hearing damage. Don’t crank your headphones up to extra-high volumes because later in life when you’re lying in bed listening to the ringing in your ears caused by all that abuse you’ll wish you hadn’t done it. It’s also easy to train your ears to be used to listening at low volumes, we highly recommend it. If you’d like to measure you equipment most electronic stores have SPL meters available at affordable prices.

In the world of audio some brands stick to what they know best. Unlike mass consumer brands you won’t see ads on TV for the likes of Beyerdynamic, Alessandro or Etymotic. This is because they don’t need to advertise. If you go into a professional studio or TV station you’ll see Beyerdynamic, AKG and Sennheiser products all over the place. Just because you haven’t heard of them, it doesn’t mean a brand that spends millions more on marketing has a better product.

UPDATE – Our 20 day trial is ON HOLD for the time being due to health concerns during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Headphonic offers a 20 day exchange policy on many of our headphones, as mentioned above. Please note that some products are excluded from this policy, the main one being canalphones (due to hygiene reasons). This exclusion may be waived if the product has not been opened and all packaging is intact.

All exchanges processed under this policy will incur a $15 handling fee.

If you wish to take advantage of our 20 day trial, please send an email to advising our staff of your intention to return. If you are unsure as to what item you would like in exchange, please let our staff know and they will be able to assist you in choosing another item that would suit you.

When you send your item to us, please ensure all packaging and accessories are included. Also, we do require you to cover the cost of return postage and redelivery as our free shipping only applies to your original purchase. Our staff will advise you of this cost as it does vary between items.

Please note that this is an exchange policy only, and that we do not give refunds simply for change of mind.

Your item includes a warranty period of at least 12 months from your original date of purchase which allows for your item to be repaired or replaced free of charge. If your item becomes faulty, please contact us and we will be able to advise the next course of action. Some items can be sent back to us for replacement and others can be forwarded directly to an authorised service agent for repair or replacement. We are happy to process all warranties through us if you prefer but please bear in mind that sending the item directly to the service agent can save both time and postage costs for all involved.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

If the faulty item is temporarily out of stock or no longer available, we are happy to exchange the item for one of the same value, or you can upgrade to another item, paying the difference in value.

Please note that if you send the item to us and no fault is found we will require you to pay the cost of return postage.

We often get asked this question. It’s pretty simple, you need to check your junk/spam folder. Hotmail, gmail and various other email providers simply don’t like us. Please add us to your saved contacts or check your junk/spam folders regularly once you’ve placed an order with us. If you still can’t find any correspondence from us then please contact us and we’ll resend a copy of your order to you for your information.

Please note that our office is not attended 24 hours a day. We are not open on weekends and we do have to leave the office occasionally on weekdays to dispatch orders.

Please also note that we are in Perth, WA. Depending on the time of year there is either a 2 or 3 hour time difference to those of you on the other side of Australia. If you call us at 10am AEST we’ll still be at home, in our jarmies, eating breakfast.

No. We do not repair headphones here. If you are in the Perth area we can recommend a couple of places that can assist or we can provide you with details of the authorises service agent in your area. Forum regulars from around Australia may be able to assist with recommendations also for the area that you live in.

As usual, the FAQ will be constantly updated depending on what’s being asked the most.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! In the meantime, please browse our product list.