Helpful Headphone Hints
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July 31, 2016
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Helpful Headphone Hints

Helpful Headphone Hints

Helpful Headphone Hints

Adjusting your headphones for better comfort.

If you find your headphones are a little tight out of the box it is generally something that will get better over time. If you want to accelerate the process, check the headband.

If it’s made out of metal (like the Alessandro range or many Beyerdynamic headphones, some portables and some higher end models) you can simply flex the headband outwards so that the pads exert less pressure.

If the headband is made out of plastic, putting the headphones over something roughly the size of, or slightly larger than, your head when you aren’t using them can gently flex them out making them much more comfortable!

Oh no! There’s a buzzing in one side of my headphones!

Bees are a common problem…. no wait, HAIRS are a common problem with headphones. They gradually work their way through the foam or cloth cover or grille over the headphones and sit on the driver, causing it to buzz or vibrate, especially with lower notes. Often taking the earpads off and cleaning out any hairs with a pair of tweezers will fix this.

One thing you should NEVER do is use compressed air to try and blow the hairs out as it is very likely to damage the drivers.

Eww, my earpads are icky and horrible.

It’s time to clean them then. In the case of cloth or foam pads you can often simply remove them and wash them, either by hand or in the wash with your socks. If they’re pleather or leather pads, a damp (not wet) cloth is fine for wiping them down.

Don’t ever use solvents or similar, you may damage the earpads, or worse – the headphone drivers.
If your earpads are beyond a wash, it’s probably time to replace them!

Why do my headphone cables keep failing?

Probably because you keep wrapping them around your phone/mp3 player, or rolling over them in your chair.

The majority of headphones we receive back under warranty have something wrong with the cable, and in most cases it’s because people simply don’t look after it. If you look after the cable it will last a lot longer.

I’m using onboard sound from my PC and…

STOP! Please, do yourself a favour and upgrade your soundcard. There is absolutely no point having decent headphones, or speakers, if you’re using a poor quality source!

That’s my random set of tips and advice for today!