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July 26, 2017
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Beresford Caiman MKII DAC
July 26, 2017

Beresford Capella Headphone Amplifier


recommendedThe Capella is a high‐end headphone amplifier designed for audiophile listening. The various rotary controls help you to adjust your headphones
for the most pleasant listening experience.

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The Beresford Capella headphone amplifier is a refreshing new look at how headphones should be driven in order to get the best out of even the highest bitrate audio recording, in order to  produce a more entertaining High End natural analogue playback.  

The Capella is designed to offer you the ultimate in headphone listening experience with its clear and detailed analogue sound, excellent dynamics, and holographic presentation. It is also designed to drive old favourites through to the latest generation of headphones.  A large Signal to Noise Ratio and ultra low noise internal power supply regulation and filtering circuit now makes it possible to recover and hear previously hidden audio signals, giving your music collection a new lease of life. The more generous dynamic range overhead also reduces signal compression and clipping from the original source material.

The Capella has been designed for the  playback of both old analogue and modern day digital source material,  giving you an even wider scope of listening possibilities and pleasure to the highest possible quality level that your headphone is technically capable of.



The Capella has a combination of unique features not found on any other headphone amp, plus a couple that are often called for but hardly ever offered. They are:


Gain Control

The Capella uses a variable gain control to adjust both headphone impedance and sensitivity. The gain control

range is suitable for the adjustment of the sensitivity of headphones between 12 Ohms and 600 Ohms.

Damping Control

Different headphones have a different resonance frequency and bass response sensitivity The Capella

provides one of four selectable current/voltage levels to control the voice coil damping for the best bass

control and response.

HF Control

Some headphones have a very pronounced treble, which can ruin an otherwise brilliant listening experience. Some headphone users also

suffer from ringing in the ears etc. from even a modest amount of treble. the Capella offers a high frequency control to dampen the HF

response gradually so that excessively bright headphones can be tamed to a more acceptable user requirement.

Depth Control

Depending on the design of some headphones, the vocals and some instruments can sound a bit detached

from the rest of the music. It can sound a bit too far back, or far too forward. The Depth control offers a

reasonable amount of control of the apparent forward/backward position of the music.

Balance Control

There are occasions when the relative balance between left and right headphone output signal needs to be

adjusted. The Balance control is designed to give you that level of control.

Peak Signal Level Detect

This allows the Capella to detect high level overload conditions and indicate their presence via a left and right LED hidden behind the volume

control. The softer light from the hidden LEDs is far less imposing.

3.5mm analogue input

The Capella offers a 3.5mm input option for portable audio players and mobile phones headphone outputs so that the Capella can be used as better headphone driving source. The Peak Level Detector will start to light up if the input signal is set too high.

Preamplifier output

The Capella pass-through LINE ouput is in fact a variable output of preamplifier specification. It is therefore suitable for use as a preamplifier if required. Only the Peak Level Detect,  balance, and volume control on the front panel of the Capella are also available for use in the preamplifier section.

12 Volt battery operation option and DC pass-through

Due to the highly efficient design and low energy requirement placed on the power supply, the Capella is also capable of operating from a 12Volt battery source. A DC OUT socket allows the Capella to share a single power supply  with any of the Beresford range of DACs.


Type – Headphone Amplifier

Inputs – 1 x power supply (optional)  

Inputs –  1 x 3.5mm audio

            –  1 x RCA/PHONO Line level

Outputs – 1 x stereo RCA (variable)                  

               – 1 x 6.3mm stereo headphone socket

Power supply requirement – 12 to 15Volts DC

Headphone output impedance – 12 to 600 Ohms

Line out minimum impedance – 1 K Ohms

Line Out Voltage – 2Vrms max

Power Output – 4W max

Output Impedance – < 0.5 Ohms

Housing – Full metal galvanised body

Colour – Black fascia

Dimensions – 185mm W x 55mm H x 175mm D

Packed Weight – 1.6Kg