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Fiio K3 Headphone Amplifier and USB-C DAC


recommendedA tiny, versatile USB DAC/AMP with an impressive sound. Perfect for laptops.

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Building on the performance and portability of the Fiio E10k, the Fiio K3 lands with a few new nifty upgrades. The Fiio K3 is a USB DAC/AMP combo with a USB type-C connection, capable of decoding up to 384KHz/32bit PCM audio and now DSD256. With 2.5mm balanced as well as 3.5mm unbalanced outputs, the K3 proves itself to be extremely versatile for use with over-ear headphones and IEMs alike. The Coaxial output, optical output, and line out is perfect for connecting your laptop to a hi-fi system.

Powering the Fiio K3 is the AK4452 DAC chip alongside two OPA926 driver OP amps and a TI OPA1612 low pass filter, all controlled by the XMOS XUF208 microcontroller. The end result of this thoughtful component selection is a clean 220mW (@ 16 Ohms) output through the 3.5mm jack, and a 320mW (@ 16 Ohms) output through the balanced 2.5mm jack. This is several times more power than available with most DAPs, and more than enough to power somewhat demanding portable headphones. The sound through the K3 can be described as detailed and fast, with a wide soundstage and balanced sound signature.



Weight – 82g
Dimensions – 70×58×22mm
Volume Knob – ADC
Audio Input – USB Type-C
USB Audio – USB 1.0 / USB 2.0
USB Chip – XMOS XUF208
DAC – AKM AK4452
Driver OP AMP – OPA926×2
Gain Boost – L/H
Bass Boost – 0/+6dB
Headphone Out 1 – 3.5mm single-ended output
Headphone Out 2 – 2.5mm TRRS balanced output
Line Out – 3.5mm
Coaxial Out – RCA for 192kHz, support DSD64 DOP
Optical Out – Up to 96kHz
Drive Ability – 16-150 Ω
Output Power 1
(3.5mm headphone output) – 220mW(16Ω); 120mW(32Ω)
Output Power 2
(2.5mm headphone output) – 320mW(16Ω); 200mW(32Ω)
Power Input – Recommend DC5V 500mA
Battery Capacity -N/A
THD+N – ≤0.004%
Output Impedance – <1.04 Ω
Frequency Response – 20 Hz~80 kHz
SNR – >113 dB (A-weighted)
Line Level – 1.9Vrms
Crosstalk – ≥70 dB (1 kHz)
MAX Output Voltage – 7.39 Vp-p
MAX Output Current – 81.6 mA

Package Contents


  • USB type C to USB type A cable

  • Rubber adhesive feet