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November 28, 2016
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Fostex TH500RP Premium Headphones


A rich sounding HiFi headphone featuring a uniquely developed Regular Phase diaphragm.

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The Fostex TH500RP employs a uniquely developed RP (Regular Phase) diaphragm which consists of etched copper foil on the surface with high heat resistant polyimide film as the base material. The distinctive characteristic of planar diaphragm is further evolved by newly tuning the entire driver unit

The high specific gravity resin baffle plate deliveres a high resolution sound with rich mid range and good quality lows and a reduction in unwanted resonance

The use of aluminum and magnesium for structural parts, the TH500RP achieves a high quality texture and light weight. A unique punched metal is used for the housing, which pays hammage the original RP headphone design.

The high quality soft leather ear pad ensures the optimum distance between the diaphragm and the ear for a comfortable listening experience even in prolonged use

The connecting cable is made of “HiFC”(*) which for the ultimate sonic purity and superior conductivity

The gold plated plug features the “Fostex” logo

The package includes a quality leather texture pouch for protection during transportation


  • Type:    Open RP (Regular Phase) dynamic type
  • Frequency Response:    20 – 30kHz
  • Impedance:    48 ohm
  • Sensitivity:    93dB/mW
  • Maximum Input:    3,000mW
  • Weight:    approx. 380g (without cord)
  • Cord Length:    3m (Y-type)
  • Plug:    1/4″ stereo phone (gold plated)
  • Accessory:    Leather texture pouch

We Say

Featuring a lush, warm sound the TH500RP gives a full bodied presentation while maintaining a good level of energy. If you’re after a headphone for relaxing, grooving along with your music, or gently rocking out the 500RP might be what you’re looking for.
Efficiency is good, but a dedicated amp would be a good idea to get the most out of these.
Comfort and build quality are excellent.


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