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October 19, 2016
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Rock Jaw Audio Alfa Genus V2


recommendedThe Rock Jaw Audio Alfa Genus V2 are a comfortable and well built canalphone with a user tweakable sound signature.

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Beautiful, Lightweight and Durable Design

Rebuilt from the ground up, the Rock Jaw Audio Alfa Genus V2 headphones now sport a beautiful, lightweight aluminium casing. This provides a more durable, sleek finish whilst retaining Rock Jaw’s British-engineering and design ethos.

Unparalleled Flexibility, Exceptional Sound

One of the headphone’s best features is its unique tuning filter system. Whether you want to listen to rock, pop, hip-hop, classical or jazz, house. The Alfa Genus V2 has a filter to bring the best out of your favourite genre.

With a simple change of one of three included filters, you are in control of crisp highs, powerful lows and warm neutrals in your music.

Unparalleled flexibility does not come at the cost of performance. Alfa Genus V2 retains the precision tuned 8mm driver of its predecessor, delivering exceptionally accurate and detailed sound.

Snug, Unobtrusive and Alluring Comfort

Alfa Genus V2 has been constructed with your comfort in mind. Immerse yourself for hours, listening to what you want to hear and nothing else.

You can even take a call on your smartphone whilst wearing the headphones, as there is a universal microphone included within the cable. You can also stop and skip tracks within the mic control unit.

“Our tuning filters are colour coded and each offers a different sound ‘signature’ to help you fine tune you’re listening experience.”


Silver = Enhanced bass. Whilst keeping plenty of detail in the music.

Black = Treble. Offering a reduced bass sound signature with more detail on the upper mids and treble.

Gold = Natural. Balanced neutral sounding signature across all the frequencies.

We Say

Durable, easy to fit, comfortable and with a sound signature you can tweak to your liking the Alfa Genus V2 from Rock Jaw Audio are a great performer for the price. The sound signature suits a very broad range of music styles which you can further adjust with the included tuning ports.

Build, fit and sound quality all make these very easy for us to recommend.


Drivers: 8mm dynamic
3x Interchangeable tuning filters
Compatible with iOS / Android / Windows Smartphones
Impedance: 16Ω
Sensitivity: 108+/-3db
Frequency response: 20 – 20000Hz
Cord Length: 1.2M
Jack type: Gold plated 3.5mm (right angle jack)
MIC with universal pause/play button
Eartips included: (S/M/L) silicone | (M/L) memory foam | (S) double flange.